Greeting Card Service Now Online - A new and exciting free service that we have been working on for the past month or so is officially online! Now, you can send out specially designed Pets Next Door greeting cards to your friends and family!

These greeting cards support both photos and videos. Just browse through your favorite pets, find one that you absolutely adore, and send a picture or video of it as a heartwarming greeting card! Unlike many other greeting card services, we made sure ours will look great even if the recipient is opening it on a tiny cell phone screen.

So, with the holidays sneeking upon us fast, why not give this new service a spin? It's free!
Pets Next Door Now Available For iPhone - The iPhone version of Pets Next Door is now available for download from the Apple App Store.

With completely redesigned layout and behaviors, this version brings to its users an experience that is uniquely iPhone. Unlike other versions of Pets Next Door, it had the good fortune of benefiting greatly from the lessons learned over the past several months. From design to functionality, Pets Next Door for the iPhone radiates sophistication and maturity, yet faithfully retains the playful spirit that is the very essence of the Pets Next Door concept.

We hope you will enjoy this new addition to your iPhone as much as we have enjoyed making it a reality!
Add Videos to Your Stories! - YouTube videos can now be added to stories, much in the same way images are added. Some of our users have already started to embed YouTube video links in the body of their stories. We simply made the process more streamlined. Pets that have videos in their latest story will also receive a cute little video badge over their picture in list view. This will allow other users to quickly identify them if they want to see pets in action.

Users on Google Android-based handhelds will also be able to shoot and upload videos directly using the devices. The entire process is seamlessly integrated into the latest Android version of Pets Next Door.
Pets Next Door (Web) Receives Makeover - Over the past month, we have received hundreds of emails written by people from all over the world. Although we were unable to respond to each and every single one of them, none went unread. There were words of encouragement, heartwarming stories, and invaluable suggestions on how Pets Next Door can be improved. We would like to thank everyone who has taken the time to write us!

For the next couple of months, we will systematically implement most of the changes suggested, across both versions. The current phase saw major changes in how new pets and stories are added through the web. The layout is now more intuitive to navigate and more accomodating to different screen dimensions.

If you have a moment, check out the new layout and let us know what you think!
Android and Web Versions of Pets Next Door Now Available - If you have an Google Android-based device, you can get Pets Next Door by opening up Android Market from your handheld and searching for "Pets Next Door." Alternatively, visit our Access page and scan the QR code with your handheld's barcode scanner. It will take you directly to the download page in the Android Market.

If you prefer to use Pets Next Door on your computer, the web version is available at You just need a current web browser, such as Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Internet Explorer 7 or above.

Both versions deliver all major features of the Pets Next Door concept. They are fun, addictive and free! Come and take a look, and let us know how we can make it better!
Mobile Application Coming Soon for Pet Lovers - We are now in our final stages of developing a mobile application for pet lovers. Aptly named "Pets Next Door," this application aims to provide a mobile venue for people to meet and learn about pets in their area, while on-the-go.

With Pets Next Door, people would be able to easily nagivate through pet profiles on a responsive map interface. From there, they can see the pet's pictures, read its stories, watch its videos, and interact with other pet lovers who also like the pet. For pet owners, they can also quickly publish stories about their own pets right from the application.

Initially, Pets Next Door will be available for Google Android-based devices.