Our Mission Animal Compass Organization (ACO) is committed to educate people on animals, increase animal welfare awareness and foster affinity toward them around the world.

Our Scope Many animals live among us, while others in their natural habitats. No matter which group an animal belongs to, there is always the possibility that it could be subjected to neglect, abandonment, abuse, or worse. In other words, all animals will be able to benefit from a more universally shared affinity for them. For this reason, we have chosen to commit ourselves to all of them alike.

Our Philosophy We believe the very first step toward universal animal amity is to get people familiarized with how animals live their lives. Familiarity forsters kinship and establishes the foundation for sympathy. By focusing on the habits and life events of individual animals, people can acquire the context necessary to better comprehend the plight many have found themselves in.

Our Approach How often a person is exposed to animals is arguably the single most important factor in determining their affinity toward them. We aim to provide fun and convenient opportunities for people to meet animals, share stories about their pets, and interact with similarily minded individuals from all around the world. We hope the fun aspect would intrigue the average person's curiosity for animals, and the convenience aspect would make them more willing to entertain that curiosity.
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